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When finishing a demonstration of the MRHC system, we’re often told that it’s too cheap, but then we are wholesalers aiming for repeat volume sales. We believe that R3,000 per year, plus VAT is quite enough for a basic, small business risk management system. You can pay someone else lots of money to pretend that your risks are their risks and they can transmogrify (magically disappear) them for you.

At that price MRHC suddenly has other applications. For example, client, supplier and risk assessment. Wouldn’t you like to have insight as to who’s going to be in business in five years time, or who the better commercial risks are in your client portfolio? It’s also a useful tool for Directors in terms of the new Companies Act due next year in as much as it can assist with the formal justification of certain decisions in our new transparent business environment.

Just because something is useful it doesn’t have to be a rip-off!

Apart from the pricing issue there’s the ‘I’m too busy’ and fear factors. These coupled with the belief that if your business is small then lawmakers, regulators and clients will leave you alone. So why bother with risk management then? The fact is that some really clever people all around the world have realised that just getting you to think about your business risks and opportunities before they creep up on you, is a healthy habit and generally desirable for the economy.

So we are getting the ‘comply or explain’ treatment next year, like so many other counties. Are you in a position to do this? It may not happen next year, but we’ll keep your risk audit trail for you for when it does. We’re not selling questions, but proof of action, as the various King III Commissions have indicated.

We include risk profiles, accumulation profiles and solution lists too; however these are incidental to the major components of our value proposition, which include skills transfer, our independent perspective, benchmarking and commitment to continuous development.

You will buy a risk management service eventually or go out of business, so why pay more than the cost of your cellphone?




“ART is an authorised Financial Services Provider”

If you have any complaints then please contact ART (Pty) Ltd or the Offices of the Ombud for Short Term Insurance

Supplier of Risk Management services to the 2010 world cup South Africa
Paul Brightman - Alternative Risksmiths and Traders (Pty) Ltd. Short name - ART.
Cell : +2783 708 3634 Work : +2711 646 2777
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